How long has there been a 60 fps lock for condo hosting?

Just now noticed it. I’ve been spoiled by my 200hz monitor. Can barely even stand to look at 60 fps anymore.

It was introduced following testing with the engine upgrade conducted before the Arcade release.

We found that with hosts running uncapped frame rates, it would cause physics and networking issues, creating issues where the game would act in unintended ways. We’re still looking for alternate solutions.

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60fps cap isn’t really an issue for hosting as I prefer consistent gameplay VS inconsistent gameplay with a slightly better framerate. HOWEVER. It’s really annoying when it changes my Max FPS setting to 60, since I have to manually change it back to 144 after joining any other server. I understand it’s likely a bug but it should be addressed.

If you host as singleplayer, the FPS cap is disabled.


Oh wow, that long?! Apparently I don’t use the condo enough. Never noticed until now.

Ah, I guess that’s why I never noticed then. I’m usually alone in my condo.

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