How high can the jetpack take you?

Can you go as high as possible with infinate? or is it like gmt where there is a limit

There is currently a limit, as you hit the skybox.

Jetpacks themselves are unlimited for everyone now, but you can still hit the skybox like Caboose said.

Jetpacks will never have fuel again, so they will always be unlimited. But yes, you will hit the highest point in the map. However, we’re expanding things and one of the main reasons you can’t go higher is just because the top of the buildings look ugly (as there is no art done on them yet).

I hope we will be able to fly to the top of the Tower.

Oooh, then you could enter the roof entrance and go solid snake and sneak past guards maybe? then enter vents where you can drop into players condos (as long as they are public) or drop into the condo lobby.

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