How do I refund one of TWO contributions?

I contributed $20, then upgraded to $90, but realized I needed money for some gas tomorrow & decided to downgrade $75, instead it made TWO contributions. SO how do I get the $90 back O.O

I don’t think you can

As per the indiegogo terms of service here contributions are nonrefundable. It also states on this page that you cannot downgrade perks and that if you try to get a perk that is lower than the one that you contributed originally, it will make another contribution.

Your best bet is to contact indiegogo support and hope that they will refund the contribution, but as it is against the terms of service, I highly doubt that they will.

Best of luck anyway!

They contacted me saying this, "As a one-time exception to our refund policy, I’ve issued a refund for your $90 contribution to the “Tower Unite ” campaign which now serves as a duplicate contribution." Soooo do I get the $90 back or no? They said as a one-time exception to our refund policy, I’ve issued a refund for your $90 contribution.

Yes, that’s what a refund is. You get your mone back and they delete the duplicate (accident) contribution.

Grats :slight_smile:

OHH THANK GOD! So is it going to be in like a 24 hour time period because right now it shows I still have both of the contributions? I guess it takes like a day or two huh?

Yeah, seeing as he issued a refund, he (the customner service rep) probably has to appeal to a higher being, like his manager or something for it to take full effect.

Okay so it is GUARANTEED though I’ll get my money back, it will just take 3 days or so? I really need that money for gas lol thats why i tried to downgrade in the first place :smile:

Idk, really.

You may want to look into other things you can put in your car other than gasoline.

If you have a diesel engine you can use kitchen oil!

Lmao WTF, really?

Yup :smile:

Hahahaha I’AM DONE! My uncle made a hydro generator that ran off water, & MIB (Men In Black Aka the Government) Came out to his house & took it away from him.


I wonder if they’ll do tht if you start using Oil as diesel fuel :smile:

I hope not! I plan to do this to save money :stuck_out_tongue:

(As soon as I get my hands on a diesel engine)

It takes 3-5 days for them to refund your money, depending on the credit card you used. Congratulations for persuading them! :slight_smile:

Haha make sure you get the right stuff. You have to filter it and there is a powder mix you stir into it. Don’t just pour french fries into your fuel tank.

Thanks for the advice