How do I become a Member?

How do I? I donated 20$ to indiegogo

Being a member of the forum is based on your forum activity and not donations or pledges.

@Sabrina, I know you have the link, could you post it?

I know you wanted @Sabrina, but you will get me and you will like me. Yeah, the trust level is mostly based on consistent activity and will be acquired mainly through time. You can find out more here.


That link isn’t really too useful, as the PixelTail administrators have configured the forum’s trust levels to their likings

They’re perhaps not completely in line with the PixelTail guidelines but they’re somewhat near, as I’ve seen many members in accordance with the aforementioned requirements.

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Eh, it’s the link you are supplied by the automatic message you receive when you join. This is the same message that has a lot of other useful information (like how to quote people), so I figured, if anything, it was a good go-to resource.

I’m still waiting for the regular rank myself, I dunno which condition I haven’t met yet, but it really doesn’t bug me much. Just being able to post itself for me is enough. :smile:

I’m waiting myself. In many cases, I’ve got far more posts, topics, and likes than some regulars, but I think it’s more based on time as a member than anything. If I remember right, it’s fifty days.

I’ve been a tiny bit confused on regular now. I have over 300 posts, 10 different topics started, over 100 likes received, 11 badges including all starting off badges, and I registered on June 5th (72 days). I am really clueless as to what criteria I am still not fulfilling. Maybe Regular has to be given out manually by an admin.

That’s actually very odd. You fit within the parameters of the “Regular” category.

If they are doled out by admins, I’m curious as to why some Regulars have that title.

Perhaps we can get a forum admin in here to clarify?

Actually I looked at that trust level demonstration, and it says that for regular you have to be registered for 100 days. But if it was 100 days, nobody here would have regular yet, as this forum only exists for 73 days.

I could have sworn I got fifty days from somewhere. Strange.

Anyway, I’d argue that more folks are deserving of it. There’s a lot of “regulars” on this forum.

Once again, referring from the explanation, I think my only problem here is that I gave below 30 likes. I have only given 26 likes totally, the demonstration says I gotta have given atleast 30. I see all current regulars have done this (excluding the leaders that have the badge).

I suggest going to find four posts you like and then testing that out.

Actually, you just need to have visited for 50 of the past 100 days (hence why we have regulars). You fulfill ALMOST all the components (and, honestly, I think you should be a regular), the only one you don’t have is giving 30 likes (so far you’ve only given 25). It’s a very arbitrary rule in my opinion, but that’s the one category you haven’t fulfilled. Just give those five more and claim your rightful position as a regular!

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I’ve got the same problem. I feel like I already have hit every parameter. Despite not having posted anything, I do visit since the first day, so the 50 days shouldn’t be a problem.

I guess I will probably wait till Discourse decides it’s a good time for me to take the prize. :neutral_face:

Alright so, I liked 31 posts now. Let’s see if it changes anything. If still nothing happens, then I might not have REALLY visited 50 days yet, as I’ve been on holidays for plenty of days lately, and only a few of those were spent on the forums (who realized my short hiatus from the forums? :V). But otherwise, I’ve been visting daily multiple times ever since I registered here.

Discourse is super harsh about promotions anyways. Nvm, it isn’t. It just appeared like that to me at first. I realized later, but didn’t correct my sentence.

And it’s visited 50% of days, not 50 days.

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Also incase you didn’t find out yet, the only criteria you are still not fulfilling is having posted atleast 10 threads. All of these must have replies.

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I just checked the list again, and it says “replying to at least 10 threads”, else, for example, Caboose who has only 9 topics wouldn’t have the regular badge.

Odd. :confused:

It shows that he has 10 threads for me. For some reason you can’t see one.