How do I back / Buy TU now?

I’ve been wanting to back for a while but had no money, just got paid and want to back the project. I went onto the indiegogo page and it’s nice that it’s finished and all but now I cannot back or get any rewards?

Any way I could purchase audiophile tier now?



You will have to wait until Mid 2016 to purchase the Early Access build.

Surely you’re joking?

He’s not

I’m not. Funding campaign is over. Next scheduled release for purchases is Early Access which is planned for Mid 2016.

Alright… Thanks I guess…

It’s how crowdfunding works.

Many people found Tower Unite after succesful campain. They cant buy keys, donate dev team, its… sad.

“You snooze, you lose” is the only saying I can find for this.


Don’t fret about it much. It’s not like you’re missing out on anything. It’s bare-bones right now.

I also didn’t have any chance to back the campaign, and I still wouldn’t have any. The problem is not that I do not have any money, the problem is more that I just store my money physically, not digitally (I think most people know this now because of how many times I mentioned this already :neutral_face:). I will surely buy the game in Early Access though.