How did this happen :(





It’s simple: A lot of people enjoy playing Minigolf. Only a few enjoy playing the unfinished version of Zombie Massacre, which has by now lost its novelty, and the other gameworlds that in the eyes of many don’t compare to golf when it comes to uniqueness, popularity, or just subjective fun. There’s nothing wrong with this, as they too just want to enjoy the parts of the game they like.
Also, minigolf doesn’t sap players away from other activities. It’s very likely its players wouldn’t stay if it wasn’t a thing, as, again, it’s what they enjoy. Same could be said about the casino, too. People will always do the activities they find fun or worthwhile.

TU-only memes

Minigolf can be played casually and is very peaceful. Zombie Massacre requires more focus and is way more intense.

No Game World is meant to compete for being the most popular than any other Game World. Game Worlds are simply different types of genres and sometimes you just wanna chill and play something like Minigolf instead. Doesn’t mean people don’t enjoy Zombie Massacre or that Zombie Massacre is a bad Game World.

Zombie Massacre scratches an itch for arcade players.


Also right now for Zombie Massacre it’s a bit too easy with lots of people and you miss out on a lot of dosh for doing so. I’m sure plenty of people are playing in low pop friends only games when they play as it’s like 25-50% more for the same amount of work without having to compete with 6 people for it.


Well, I probably shouldn’t have worded my response like that, sorry.

What I meant to say was that while all the gameworlds and activities are certainly enjoyable, I feel like many aren’t enjoyable enough to warrant booting up the game and actually taking part in them for many people.
That is, if they aren’t given an additional reason to, like an achievement, a milestone, some cool people to play with or the feeling of an overarching community. After all, fans of a certain genre are probably able to get a better experience elsewhere, in games dedicated purely to it.

I mean, every activity certainly has its fans and I’m not arguing whether they’re well-made or not, but in the end, some activities are just more popular than others and there are probably some reasons for it. And I personally think it kinda matters. Isn’t the playtime you get a big reason for making videogames?


I personally make games that I’d enjoy as well. Zombie Massacre is a fun mixture of different things from zombie games. There are a few top down zombie shooters, but often times they are single player, couch coop only, or lack in different ways. There’s more to do with Zombie Massacre, like the campaign mode, but ultimately it feels different from other top down shooters and I try to make new ways to make it more fun.

But in the end, not everyone enjoys a top down shooter. Not everyone enjoys zombies. And not everyone enjoys wave based gameplay. This is something I know and anticipate.

Minigolf doesn’t have violence and the courses don’t typically change so you can keep doing the same hole again and again.

The key that’s missing for Zombie Massacre is most definitely milestones and the campaign mode, but it’s novelty has not worn off yet. It’s just started and it’s now a part of the game forever and can be added to in future updates and even part of stuff like the Halloween update.


What I’m trying to say in the meme is that everyone always plays minigolf, people who love virus such as myself, usually have to wait 20 mins in a lobby we host to play a game. It’s just meant to be funny and relatable, I didn’t mean anything else by it. :smiley: