How About Some Condo Slots?

What I mean by this is maybe have different version of your condo that you made. Different coloring furniture all that stuff.

That will supposedly be a thing but I believe they are currently working on getting all basic features up and running first.

just something for the future I suppose.

Pretty sure someone said “with the condo editor were making, this will be easy to implement.” Not 100% on that but I am pretty sure I heard that from Foohy or Zak or someone

Foohy said in the discord chat-

for all you beautiful condo planners:
steamapps/common/Tower Unite/Tower/SavedData/Condo.dat backup this whenever you want if you want to have a snapshot of your condo

I think that’s what you looking for?


There it is. Boppin’.

This was a super duper duper duper requested item for people in GMT, and it was turned down time and time again for the same reason, which I feel is still valid.

If people could buy slot machines for their condo, nobody would go play slots at the casino. Just the same with the arcade machines, and the shops, and everything else in the plaza.

There was another reason this was turned down, and it has to do with Unit scamming. Hypothetically, someone could open their condo, have tons of people put tons of money into it, and then kick everyone out and try to hit the jackpot and steal everyone’s chance at winning some dough.

For those reasons, I am out.

haha wow I am dumb, but seriously this is planned.

The OP isn’t talking about slot machines, he’s talking about save slots. I’m all in for having multiple condo layouts saved. Now just comes the question: should you need to buy new furniture for alternative condos (as if it was a completely separate condo), or should the inventory be shared across all of them (as if you were just redecorating at the speed of light)?

Yeah just have something when you join your condo a menu comes up with Condo #1 or Condo #2? Which version of the condo do you want to join but yeah that’s pretty close.