How about a wishlist?

When I’m decorating my condo, I usually forget to buy something from the shop. While in Gmod tower, it wasn’t so bad, Tower unite is very inconvenient as you need to go through 2 loading screens to go from your condo, to the lobby, and back to your condo. So how about a wishlist system where you can browse the shop stock anywhere you are, and mark items you want to get! You could add any item from any of the stores and when in the store, a new button could appear saying ‘Buy items from wishlist’ Which would obviously, buy all items in the store that are on your wishlist! Finding out you forgot something is really annoying, so this would be an awesome addition!


Its not that bad idea actually it would be good for people that are building a lot so they don’t forget what they need to buy !

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This would be pretty useful, but as an alternative you could use good old fashion paper and write it down. That’s what i would do.


Yeah but this would be a hell of a lot handier. It would also mean that you could actually check what shops have to offer and you don’t end up looking for something that isn’t there.


A wishlist seems like a good idea, actually.


Gee, people sure like liking @macdguy


so basically a grocery list? that’s pretty good.

The suggestions is the same, but can i add a little bit of my idea ?

How about using one of the current items to buy from your condo ? Like Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Computer…
It could enable a feature that shows any store gui, and then you purchase from it, then you receive your items in a (unpickable) box just infront your condo door (inside the condo) like postal services.

Then you press E on the said box, and it gives you the items.


That’s pretty cool! But there’d be a service fee or something on it. You don’t want people just completely ignoring the stores just because you can buy from home!

i suggested this in the megathread because otherwise people would get angry at me for posting it in a different thread and now its posted in a different thread and everyone suddenly notices it


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In my opinion, that megathread should be locked. The developers have already said that they prefer ALL unique suggestions, no matter the size, to be posted as a new topic so people can vote on it.

Except we use the item mega thread for specifically new items, not new features. A wishlist is not an item, it’s a feature.

He is the lead developer(not sure) of TU

Psssst! He knows!

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Just sayin :sunglasses:

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i see u so much WHYYY