House with VIP room and BIGASS Backyard™ [UPDATE!]


I recently got the overhaul I was working on The Sims 3 for my old House, that I also posted here some months ago (House with VIP Room and goodies), so I finished a big part of it these days and I wanted to show y’all the results so far, there’s a big FPS problem but I’ll take a look into that later.

So, let’s go!!!?!?!?!1’1?! OKAY!!

Dining Room/Kitchen:

Backyard w/ Enterable Cabin:






Laundry Room:


VIP Room:

This is a tiny game that I always bring visitors to play, basically we take a guess on what number is gonna land, so far the only interactive thing I have, I’m up for suggestions

Arcade (WIP, could reform into a Nightclub, since the idea is cool to make but it’s useless… for now)

And that’s it, pretty much.
Sorry to bother ya lmao, see ya next big update!


I don’t see any big donkeys in that backyard, please do not lie to me like this


uhhh they were too uhh… shy for the photos.


Epic, truly epic


This is 10/10 well done, keep up the great work.


Ooh I was there a while ago. Still gotta find out where that crystal ball leads to


This is amazing, great job!