Hot tubs not spawning correctly on Resort

The Hot Tub and Wooden Hot Tub can’t be placed right on the Resort map, They get stuck inside the player and also do not behave right like on other maps. showing a blue filter if you try and sit in them.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to Resort.
  2. Spawn in one of the two Hot Tub models. Anywhere on the map,

What I expected to happen

Placing on the ground, as with any other object

What happened

treats the player as the only valid object and can’t be place anywhere save for inside your head.

Notes / Media

This is related to the Wooden Hot Tub in general after their recent update (not just on Resort)


Interesting. IT also affects the normal Hot Tub as well for the record.

if you place the hot tub down, and select it and reset the rotation panel itll go back to normal quick fix for now ig

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This is now fixed in the next update.