Hot Fix for Little Crusaders Update (

Hello! Here’s a hotfix release for the Little Crusaders update. We will have another patch in the future addressing more of the issues found during the initial release soon.


  • Reduced max players of Little Crusaders to 8
  • Disabled flashlight beams (and reduced volume of flashlight noises)
  • Jetpack should feel a bit more responsive now
  • Added Quick Zoom feature to Plaza/Condo. Head to controls and set the binding for it to quickly zoom in on smaller objects in the Plaza or Condo!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with certain graphics settings not applying properly
  • Disabled custom key bindings for Little Crusaders (so we can look into the internal issues while you get a fix)
  • Plaza: Players should no longer be able to go through the upgrade store doors
  • Plaza: Re-added missing chair in Project 12
  • Plaza: Seats in Project 12 should now all face the correct way
  • Plaza: Condo Numbers are now shown correctly in the Condo Lobby
  • Plaza: Fixed Ball Race gamemode port music not playing
  • Plaza: Music in the Little Crusaders port now correctly loops
  • Plaza: Fixed The Stray store and theater seats not having use prompts
  • Minigolf: Fixed players on Waterhole being catapulted to space on Hole 18
  • Minigolf: Fixed collision on Hole 15 of Cove
  • Virus: Fixed black blobs on the ground in Desertion
  • Little Crusaders: HUD issues should be resolved now
  • Little Crusaders: Scoreboard sorting issues should be resolved now

Known issues that are being worked on and will be patched soon

  • House landscape sometimes glitches out in the basement floors
  • Spin to win locks up sometimes
  • Ball Race scoreboard round count increases beyond the amount when you fail the levels
  • Altitude Hole 18 has some issues
  • Game World ports unload when you fly up high
  • Desync issues in minigolf, especially in Waterhole, on Hole 18
  • Theater voteskip amount is incredibly wrong


Must you constantly reply to topics with absolutely nothing useful to add?

Any progress on people’s sitting animations not playing to condo hosts? It’s really irritating haha


oh wait, my tu hasn’t updated yet :smiley: :smiley:

Forgive me if i’m wrong but I think the zoom feature would work better if you could set it to tap to zoom then tap again to unzoom, instead of having to hold it down, for instances where you want to watch tv from a distance or something.


Question. Did you guys happen to adjust some of your level streaming settings in this patch? In particular background streaming and the per frame time limits? Because had way more stuttering than (at least it feels that way).
These are the settings in your DefaultEngine.ini file that I’m talking about:


(although 20ms seems like a high value for PriorityAsyncLoadingExtraTime)
Also why did you disable the EventDrivenLoader? Are you affected by this?

And finally, I cannot fix the big stuttering that your LevelStream blueprint introduces by changing any of those values.
But my test blueprint (which is literally OnTriggerEnter -> StreamLevel) doesn’t cause the same amount of stuttering as seen when loading the Casino.
What’s your opinion on what might cause this? And is that even something you can fix without messing with UE’s source code.

Casino stuttering (second 4/5):

Vs small demo (second 7):

Settings used for demo:


Event driven loader is experimental in 4.14 and crashes on dedicated servers. They have fixed it (hopefully) in 4.15.

The level streaming stuttering is due to changes to the level streaming systems in 4.14 and the event driven loader will fix it.

Level streaming is very different in dedicated server setups.

We’ve been looking into various fixes for level streaming for months.

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4.14 EDL was experimental, and thus was very buggy and unstable. We weren’t even able to compile our Linux server with it on, so we had to have it off.

4.15 now has it on by default, so we can presume its now much more stable. The initial stutter on 4.14 is definitely worse purely because its actually loading the level at that point now, rather than when people were stuck inside the subway for some time. Although at least for me, the stutter to load levels after that is reduced in comparison to pre-4.14.

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Awesome! And it’s already on your Trello ( although I get why it’s a pain in the butt. Good work with those new loading screens btw.

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