Hot Fix

This update addresses several issues that were recently reported.


  • Zombie Massacre: Adjusted Nightyard lighting
  • Virus: Reduced camera view turn amount
  • Vehicles once again scale with potions
  • Adjusted motor scooter air turning and jump amount

Bug Fixes

  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed zombies getting stuck in Nightyard and in general. AI that cannot path correctly or is stuck will be automatically removed
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed an exploit with the dragon air speed
  • Ball Race: Fixed an exploit
  • Ball Race: Fixed Ball Race melon reset code removing gold melons
  • Fixed name tags not showing when you hold Q, if you have “always show name tags” disabled
  • Fixed Sonic Shotgun tracer effects being offset (Lobby/Condo only)
  • Fixed view model offsets for confetti gun, potato gun, and spooky gun

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