Hot Fix

This update addresses several issues that were recently reported.


  • Added gamepad settings: sensitivity, rumble, and aim invert
  • Added better gamepad detection so that rumble is disabled unless you are using the controller (and for UI changes later on)
  • Added gamepad force feedback (rumble) for Minigolf
  • Improved Minigolf hole intro UI
  • Slight controller input changes for Plaza: Right trigger is now for shooting weapons, left trigger is now for sprint. You can now pull the slots with bottom face button. You can leave games/machines with the left special button (options button)
  • Added the ability for Game World/Condo owners to opt-in to PixelTail moderated ban list (for chat bans, voice bans, and server bans)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash with condos where visitors joining a condo would crash constantly due to a canvas bug
  • Little Crusaders - Knightsend-by-sea: Fixed several camping spots for dragon
  • Fixed long server and map titles overlapping on the server browser elements
  • Improved visual alignment of server browser elements and fixed avatar resolutions
  • Fixed a controller input bug where the bottom face button (A button) would move the player forward
  • Fixed issue where you’d have to double click to host a game server
  • Resort: Fixed water shader

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