Hot Fix

Another hotfix that addresses many reported issues.

Note: For those who have multi-monitor setups, please be aware the game may start on the wrong screen after applying this patch. We have added a new graphics setting that will allow you to set the default monitor the game displays on. Once you set your default monitor in the graphics setting, it’ll remember that setting the next time you start up the game.


  • Christmas events are now over
  • Added event calendar and rules board to Plaza in the Transit Station
  • Reduced load times on the menu by removing the 3D background
  • Added default monitor selection as a graphic setting (for multi-monitor setups)
  • Condo map list no longer uses a horizontal scrollbar and will tile the maps properly (for those on 16:9 720p/1080p, you should see all the Condo maps at once now)
  • Improved the flashlight (no longer clips with nearby walls and is a lot more smooth)

Bug Fixes

  • Reduced stuttering
  • Reduced networking size for inventory hotbar items with the intention to fix full hot bars not working while in Plaza
  • Fixed an issue where FOV settings would reset when another player joins your server
  • Fixed mouse sensitivity resetting sometimes
  • Optimization: Highrise no longer uses an expensive ocean shader
  • Optimization: Highrise Tower in the distance was too detailed and caused performance issues
  • Fixed glass when viewed from the inside removing fog effects from the entire map (effects Highrise and other maps that use windows a lot)
  • Fixed Canvas Statue sprites rendering through water shaders (such as Underwater condo)
  • Fixed Canvas Statue sprites rendering through translucent things
  • Fixed Canvas normal map missing
  • Fixed underwater effects not working in first person
  • Fixed a grid box being visible in Highrise
  • Fixed a bug when you click off the splash screen, you’d lose input on the menu and have to click again to interact with the menu
  • Fixed a bug with the appearance UI that prevented certain resolutions from being able to interact with it
  • Fixed super low poly LOD being set on appearance character in the menu if you had view distance set to low
  • Fixed appearance editor in the menu having terrible lighting, making it hard to see certain effects and also it lacked shadows on the character
  • Fixed certain number UI inputs (stairs, poker bets) having float values
  • Minigolf: Fixed Forest having day night enabled

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You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


That’s… a very welcome change, actually. Having rules right there in the plaza will definitely stop plenty of people from breaking them. And, you know… from complaining if they get banned.
Also, the event calendar reminds me of that small “upcoming” section of the club penguin’s newspapers (and actual event calendars from similiar games). That’s neat.

Something tells me most of the people will see the rule board and not follow them.

Still the event calender is a nice addition.

Yeah but… now there is defined rules instead of there being no rules defined what so ever, meaning if someone is banned they can’t just say “I didn’t know there was rules, It never told me of them”

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Course there are already rules.

Edit: i also forgot to mention.
The rules for TU are pretty much the exact same as the ones in gmod tower,
So technically the TU rules are also here.

Even if the rules were present, they were never explicitly shown to the players. Everyone knows that no one reads the EULA, and no one should be required to head to an external site to view the game’s own rules. It’s always a good idea to assume worst-case scenario rather than best-case. If the rules aren’t obviously present, you cannot assume people will know them or care to take time to look for them.

This doesn’t make the EULA useless, of course, but it’s much better for legal stuff rather than server rules.


Let’s be honest here, do you really think that the average player is going to dig through the EULA? Having the rules in plain sight means a LOT more people are going to be aware of them.

Edit: Guess you beat me to it @Arkive86 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Trust me even when rules are shown right in front of you in a game when you spawn people will still not read them and then go on to break them.
And in regards to not having to go to a website in some manner to read the rules,
Almost every game with an online feature that i know of works like that.

And M2 they may be aware that “Here in this spawn area is a rule board” but i doubt they will read or follow them.

If someone chooses not to read/follow rules that are clearly presented, it is their own fault. If someone assumes there are no server rules because they are only stated in a EULA, personally I think that they aren’t entirely at fault. Nobody should expect their community to browse through their website / Steam documents.

there’s a difference in not following rules that are presented in a sign form at the start of the level, and not following rules presented in a very wordy document that seems more like something for legal reasons rather than some short community rules (plus the eula only appears occasionally when starting the game).

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But they still do sadly:
TF2, Gmod, Overwatch, League Of Legends, CSGO, CSS, Battlefield, Bascially almost every single online games/games with an online feature does it like that, except for runescape.

I suppose they do, but that doesn’t mean they should. Those examples aren’t really like TU though. Gmod, TF2, CSS are community ran, and as far as I know, there are no rules other than server specific ones, which do pop-up on dedicated ones.

League of Legends makes sense to expect players to visit their website when the only way to get the game is… through their website. If I recall correctly, the game launcher also has (or had) community guidelines on it.

I can’t really say anything about the other 3 though, haven’t played them :stuck_out_tongue:

I do believe you and i are in an agreement in how it’s sad that they force you to go to their website to find their rules

As for gmod and tf2, you still need to access it via the website if you wanna read the server rules, luckily they can add an motd interface that does it automatically for you saving you time, so you are half right.
The other ones seem to only have rules on a forum post on their respective websites, so the more we know.

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Other than EULA, which is legally required, I would like to avoid a MOTD popup as much as possible.

Just out of curiosity, why do you not like MOTDs? I’ve, personally, never minded them. I kinda like them actually. Adds another layer of dev interaction to the game. It’s a nice touch.

I don’t hate the idea of MOTDs, but I just hate popups in general. I hate that the item playground (which is broken, I know) has that popup when you first join.

I think there are better ways to inform players than popups, that’s all. I do want to make a banner on the menu that has a better “news” thing, but I haven’t been able to make it just yet.

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Why not just make a board in the transit station like you did in GMT?

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Guild Wars 2 begs to differ:


If You are ordinarily resident in Germany the following provisions shall apply for You and shall take precedence over any provisions stated in the agreement above:

(a) You are not required to represent and warrant that You have read these provisions.[/details]

I don’t dislike the idea of popups in general, just when it’s designed badly. I prefer notifications that you can open for more details and close back into notification state for later optionally.

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