Hot Fix


Another quick hot fix for some reported bugs. This hot fix also includes optimizations and a couple new Condo permissions for your use.


  • Added permission settings for Condo owners to disable consuming edibles (drinks/pizza) and use of projectile weapons
  • Knife projectiles now collide with players
  • Added particle effect LODs and did some other texture reductions
  • Optimized Eyeball item
  • Optimized weapon bob, chat calls, and ladder functionality (should help Plaza optimization with multiple players)
  • Optimized Halloween minigame events
  • Optimized knife projectiles

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed friend list not showing up in the pause menu
  • Fixed Body Pillows not loading canvas data on Condo load
  • Fixed Shrine not loading canvas data on Condo load
  • Fixed Laser Projector not loading properly on Condo load
  • Fixed player foot positions being “duck footed”
  • Fixed some bad default gameplay settings (such as canvas parental control settings)
  • Minigolf: Fixed OOB issues with Emission

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You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


Does this mean the minigames are back?


God dammit, i was in the middle of a minigolf game. Thank’s anyways, I guess. :confused:

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