Hot Fix

Just a quick hotfix for some reported bugs.


  • Condo server name now appends the owner’s name
  • Reduced the texture space of player character clothing
  • Added LODs to the pumpkins throughout the Plaza
  • Various other LOD improvements in the Plaza
  • Massively reduced the texture space of all hats
  • Improved the Condo settings UI a bit
  • Improved networking for various Plaza events
  • Optimized throwing knives/cleavers and potato gun projectiles
  • Added a HUD element for forgotten remains, informing when you can pick up the next one

Bug Fixes

  • Minigolf: Fixed missing materials in Forest
  • Minigolf: Fixed scrollbar being incredibly small
  • Fixed some typos for the new items and dialogue
  • Fixed a bug where you cannot grab bush items when you place them down
  • Fixed an issue with the Ghost Pet and stashing
  • Fixed the Skull Candle becoming fully emissive when you turn it off and on
  • Fixed baobab trees not showing up for other players

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You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


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