Hot Fix


  • Increased the Lobby player speeds back to what they were in
  • Removed the ghosted inventory item slot feature. Now items used will just appear as blank slots like before
  • Laser Projector: Added endpoints
  • Laser Projector: UI clean up
  • Reduced the size of the inventory type flag icon
  • Added various ramps to stairs in the Plaza to smooth camera movement while walking up them
  • Edited LOD distances for player models so they kick in at a further distance

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed anti-aliasing settings not setting or saving properly. Note: You must hit apply to set the anti-aliasing setting you desire before it takes effect
  • Fixed mouse sensitivity resetting after you change keybinds
  • Fixed Laser Tag movement speeds
  • Fixed crouch animation blend speed being way too slow
  • Fixed appearance items and equipables removing when you ragdoll/die. This made the jetpack ragdoll feature not work
  • Fixed laser projectors settings not getting saved properly, causing multiple laser projectors to have their settings mixed up
  • Fixed Ferris Wheel leaving sending you to the wrong location
  • Fixed potions not changing speed appropriately
  • Fixed accidentally placed foliage on the edge of the Plaza island
  • Fixed incorrect location volumes for the nature store and Horizon Condos realtor store
  • Fixed incorrect music being played when leaving the Sweet Suites into the nature store and beyond
  • Fixed some OOB issues on Plaza
  • Fixed spelling error when inviting players to your game
  • Horizon Condos realtor store now uses different music to make it easier to hear condo previews
  • Fixed model from the bumper cars lobby from intruding into the Horizon Condos realtor store
  • Fixed an inventory trace issue when placing fireworks near store NPCs
  • Fixed an issue where you could enter the appearance editor while on the Poseidon rollercoaster
  • Fixed random underwater visuals halfway up the tower on Highrise
  • Fixed various collision issues and visual gaps in Plaza
  • Fixed players from being able to enter the Laser Tag arena while not being in a Laser Tag game
  • Fixed one of the biggest bugs of our entire game: FLOATING PIZZAS
  • Fixed Bag of Units item looking strange when viewed from a distance
  • Fixed an exploit with Bowling


You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our daily logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


Very nice!

very good.

please tell me the spelling error in the hot fix notes was on purpose

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didn’t notice

What’s spelled wrong there?

the same spelling error that was ingame, but he must’ve fixed it

The post hasn’t been edited, though.

if you edit a post quickly enough and the edit is very small it won’t get it’s own edit.
I know from experience this happening

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Why though?

Rip you will be missed


Ah, ok. Didn’t know that.

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