Hot Fix


We hope you’ve been enjoying the latest content update. Thank you all for sending us your bug reports, we’ve been tracking them and this patch should help solve the majority of the new ones. We’re still working through more and we’ll have another patch after this one!


  • Disabled player ghosting when AFK or noclipping

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit with Fishing Rods
  • Fixed a bug with slot machines where Units would not instantly update
  • Fixed a bug with equipping a certain unfinished item
  • Underwater Condo: Fixed Underwater Condo default surfaces not being colorable
  • Underwater Condo: Boundaries have been updated to prevent players from getting out of the map
  • Underwater Condo: Fixed several editable surfaces where the texture was oriented in the wrong direction
  • Underwater Condo: Fixed players’ location being incorrectly marked as “unknown” while inside certain areas of the condos
  • Underwater Condo: Fixed some surfaces not being editable when they should be
  • Underwater Condo: Fixed airlocks not networking properly to people who join the game late. For example, an airlock door appeared open, even though it is actually closed
  • Underwater Condo: Players can no longer edit the texture of the glass in a couple of the satellite condos
  • Highrise: Fixed a bug where it would rain in a section of the basement
  • Highrise: Fixed a missing collision issue
  • Highrise: Fixed bedroom surfaces being flipped

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Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slower response time.


Fixed an exploit with Fishing Rods

Wait, there’s fishing rods? :thinking:


The fishing rods killed people


Oh. :zipper_mouth:


fished* people.



Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?


We don’t do puns on hot fixes.


Sorry about that.


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