Hot Fix

Thank you all for your feedback and enjoying the Accelerate alpha. We’ve made many changes and bug fixes in this update to Accelerate.


  • Accelerate: Increased horn volume
  • Accelerate: Reduced dirt slow down effect
  • Accelerate: You can now drift with shift (without jumping)
  • Accelerate: Improved homing ball nearby player targeting. Now the homing ball will only go towards a nearby player if they are in front of you in the race (instead of targeting players behind you), otherwise it’ll travel on the track to find a target
  • Accelerate: Improved item flinging (easier to land the items)
  • Accelerate: Adjusted network correction snapping
  • Accelerate: Updated minimap for Pine Valley to display the shortcuts
  • Accelerate: Rotated minimap to be oriented the direction of the starting line and added a finish line to it
  • Accelerate: Moved controller button for horn to left shoulder as right shoulder is now drift (without jump)
  • Accelerate: Selected color now saves
  • Accelerate: Flux now has a sound effect when used
  • Accelerate: Updated homing bowling ball fire particles

Bug Fixes

  • Accelerate: Fixed reversing not working properly
  • Accelerate: Fixed drifting not starting when going downhill
  • Accelerate: Fixed over-steering while drifting over boost pads
  • Accelerate: Reduced boost sounds on game start
  • Accelerate: Fixed kart customize showing low resolution textures
  • Accelerate: Fixed kart customize rotation animation be tied to FPS, thus being faster on some machines than others
  • Accelerate: Fixed drifting and boost pads causing the drift smoke effects to end (but you are still drifting)
  • Accelerate: Fixed spinning out not ending drifting
  • Accelerate - Pine Valley: Fixed various spots where players could glitch out of the map
  • Accelerate - Pine Valley: Fixed various spots where players could get stuck out of bounds
  • Fixed name tags not showing up with Q held when “Always Display Name Tags” is disabled
  • Fixed workshop editor player model error “Model null for upload”
  • Fixed Plaza 2D map player avatar scales
  • Fixed crash in menu
  • Fixed a few crashes related to rich presence

Known Issues that are currently being tackled

  • Bowling: Memory leak with media players
  • Various crashes in the game
  • Dedicated server crashes/instability
  • Accelerate: Late join has issues spawning players in and unable to grab items
  • Accelerate: Drift effects stay on during first starting boost

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it feels good being able to alternate between shift drifting and jump drifting but currently you’re able to spam both ways of drifting and go uninentionally fast. currently jumping into a drift while turning a corner seems floaty. I see myself mostly using shift drifting to turn corners more sharp so maybe it could be a “brake” or an “air brake” to help with this instead of being another way to drift. “brake” as in making it so you can have a sharper turn while still drifting. sorry for the ramble! I play a lot of crash team racing (since ps1) so I’m very picky I guess. accelerate feels good to play so far though


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