Hosting tower unite plaza server join! (You missed it) Tomorrow maybe

im having problems doing anything right now i cant even open the menu with esc

aww man that was fun cant wait to do it all again tomorow :smiley:

right so who’s servering now, i’d do it but i forgot my router admin login whoops

no clue… :neutral_face:

holy shit that was really funny

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the mass suicide farewell?

Hahah yeah

Yes that was funny! I’ll host tomorrow maybe

man i cant wait till we get a new version with more stuff :smiley:

That was fun

Cant wait for a virus demo
(The game virus, not an ACTUAL virus lol) Kek

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with sense-making hitboxes?? :heart_eyes:

i was bob king of derp just to let you know :smiley:

YES!!! :sunglasses:

I was the guy spamming pictures of the Blue Man Group.

nice, i was GO IRZIPHER GO for a bit

I was IrZipher :joy:

and yes i love virus honestly i dont know what my fave game is…

hahah yeah on the ballrace demo when we were all playing?

pretty sure i was the first to think of communicating in ball race with usernames