Hosting tower unite plaza server join! (You missed it) Tomorrow maybe

Ip: Sorry guys you missed it :frowning:
Tomorrow maybe i’ll host again


sweet i was hoping some one would do this

Thank you, friend!

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I wish there was chat in ballrace, but its only in plaza rip

I wish I finally had my damn key…

I’m gonna join once i get my key.

Know how you feel… :confounded:

You get key yet?

Yeah, IKR

what is the song playing during ball race i cant find it?

IDK its made by Dongle tho you can find it on his soundcloud

@IrZipher you shut it down?

Just real fast its already back up lol
We fucking off in the condo haha

Is it fun?

Jk, of course it is.

@IrZipher for some reason I can’t join it, it just dumps me back to the menu

he might of shut it down

pls send menu screenshots

, i got like 10 people in here now haha

Yeah having the same problem - no error message, just puts me in the main menu when trying to connect. Perhaps 10 clients is full for now?