Hosting New Ballrace Demo Server! COME JOIN! (You missed it)

Server Ip: You missed it! (I’ll be hosting the server in a future notice)

Hosting: It shut down at 9:30PM Sorry :frowning:

Map: Midori

I beat Midori:

Download it here:!2hwXURzS!67THI2SXTskXlGbnyKr2cXG8PMZY2Kgv7or9aSZ7Bew4 (425 MB)
The demo requires that you have the Visual C++ 2013 runtime installed:

This early alpha demo is currently only available for Windows.
The demo contains two levels of Ball Race. It has basic multiplayer and controller support. Keep in mind this is an alpha and there are most definitely bugs. We will be working closely with everyone to fix issues.

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I guess this is the new Memories for TU

Yeah its hard as fuck lol

Can I upload videos of the two new maps?

Yeah go ahead :slight_smile:

Any chance the server will be up soon?

Tomorrow (1/15/2015) I’ll be hosting the server again around 10pm Central Time Zone. Just follow the thread & I’ll update it tomorrow for another server host :slight_smile:


Guys i’am hosting the server now, come join. Closing server at 9:30Pm Central

Edit: Server is now closed, sorry if you missed it :’(