Hosting Games On Condo?

Ok so me and my friend @Bumpy226 found out that we can host a game of Virus for example on our condos
i wanted to ask if this is considered as cheating and if it is, Is it because you earn units ? and if yes is their a way to disable payments ? Because i really want to play games with my friends on my condo.
You get Payments from Virus and Planet Panic You don’t get paid from ball race. Minigolf doesn’t work at all. I recorded a video with Ball Race,Virus and Planet Panic. It was very fun and people liked it i hope we are allowed to do that. For now i won’t host something like that again until a developer approve it or something :smile:
(P.S no one know’s how to do that yet we didn’t share it with no one)

(I fast forwarded the video because it would take long otherwise)
Ball Race starts at: 00:00
Planet Panic starts at: 1:35
Virus starts at: 5:28

Here is a talk that i had with him about this we were really hyped
1:34 PM - TheWalkingToast: omg
1:34 PM - TheWalkingToast: we can make a huge maze
1:35 PM - TheWalkingToast: and useit like virus map
1:35 PM - TheWalkingToast: xD
1:35 PM - TheWalkingToast: we can do so many stuff
1:35 PM - Bumpy: Sure but im first focussing on the brace map
1:41 PM - TheWalkingToast: omg
1:41 PM - TheWalkingToast: think about
1:41 PM - TheWalkingToast: the ultimate practicing map
1:42 PM - Bumpy: Fuck yeah
1:42 PM - TheWalkingToast: like skate parks
1:42 PM - TheWalkingToast: xD
1:47 PM - TheWalkingToast: hmm
1:47 PM - TheWalkingToast: parkour with planet panic ufo
1:47 PM - TheWalkingToast: xd
1:47 PM - Bumpy: xD
1:47 PM - Bumpy: Sadly you need once again 4 people :c
1:47 PM - TheWalkingToast: :c
1:48 PM - TheWalkingToast: i hope they don’t fix this
1:48 PM - TheWalkingToast: it would be very cool with the new games
1:48 PM - Bumpy: Ok pool is covered
1:48 PM - Bumpy: Lets get some music
1:48 PM - TheWalkingToast: when they add the karts
1:48 PM - TheWalkingToast: we can do so much stuff
1:48 PM - Bumpy: OMG
1:48 PM - TheWalkingToast: or the horror one
1:48 PM - Bumpy: Condo racing
1:48 PM - TheWalkingToast: xD
1:48 PM - TheWalkingToast: uch
1:49 PM - Bumpy: xD
1:49 PM - TheWalkingToast: “What is your favorite map ?” “My condo” “What ?”
1:49 PM - Bumpy: xD


Be careful. As of right now, modding is against the EULA. Especially if you are earning units.

I saw it after that’s why i said that i won’t host anymore until a developer approve it :pensive:

Like EvKem said, this is against the EULA so you might get banned for doing this. Awesome none the less, though.

What about the players who were into it ? They risk a ban too ? :frowning:

Its not your fault so i guess no you didn’t know

That is awesome. Will most likely be fixed but still super neat

I am not sure if this can be fixed because its not a glitch :neutral_face:

reading the eula is a good idea
posting about breaking it isn’t


nice necro

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Posted on May 31 didn’t even know it was on eula.