Horse game steals money

The new horse game in the casino has ripped 200k units from my inventory, when in total I only placed 2700 in bids.

Steps to Reproduce

I do not have pictures of the event due to the fact that I did not expect something like this to happen, however I can explain what happened.
Firstly, I sat in a chair near the front on the right side, and I sat in that chair when a game was finishing. Secondly, I placed my first bet (2000 units). Keep in mind this is my first time playing so I’m unsure what’s going on. Suddenly I look at my credits and 100k is gone. I get confused and assume that I must’ve bet a lot so I play again but I bet a small number of 300, I then played again and bet 500. During those two games another 100k was sapped from my inventory. At this point I’m really confused so I look at the log and it said I only bid 2700 units. I asked chat if they experienced a similar problem, and supposedly this is a known issue.

What I expected to happen

To lose the money I bet, not 100 times that amount.

What happened

I lost approximately 200k credits.

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