Horrible condo stuttering

I’m here on a friend’s behalf.

His game stutters horribly in some places and we’re not sure why. This seems to only happen on Smooth Dirt, Art Studio, and Theater condos. We’re both preferential to simple condos with more freedom, so this is a big problem for us.

This is him in his own hosted instance that he emptied of all items. As you can see, the game looks pretty smooth between the skips.

It MAYBE started after upgrading to Windows 10, and doesn’t appear to happen in other condos maps, lobbies, or game worlds.

Things we tried:
-Updating drives
-Lowering all graphics settings and restarted the game (Previously set to max)
-Setting FPS limit (The lower it was set, the worse it got, actually)

-Windows 10 Pro 64
-AMD FX-8350
-AMD Radeon R9 390
-16gb RAM
-Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120GB (OS drive)
-Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB (Library drive)

Aha, an AMD graphics card…
Oh boy…

Okay so, something with certain AMD graphics cards have recently been having an issue with Unreal Engine that causes stutters like these, the only TRUE fix I’ve found, as stupid as it sounds is to MUTE ALL INGAME AUDIO.

Yes it sucks but it’s the only thing that has prevented these stutters for me.
Stuttering for me only occurs with sound cues, anything ranging from footsteps, jetpack ignition, you name it.

Hope this helps bud.


We are hoping 4.19 will resolve this issue with AMD drivers.


Thank you! We finally got the problem under control for now, but instead of all audio, we found that turning down only Voice Chat sufficed. Weird, right?

I was definitely afraid that it could be an AMD issue. That was gonna be my solution, but I figured I’d ask the collective anyway.


Just following up on this, the engine upgrade didn’t resolve it, and the problem can still be mitigated at the cost of turning down the in-game voice chat volume all the way, at least in my friend’s case.

That’s unfortunate, after looking around online this seems like a problem with Unreal itself. As much as I’d like to resolve this it seems like it’s beyond our scope. We’ll keep our eyes open and if we find a way to mitigate it we’ll do so, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do at this time.