Home for Christmas

Oh, hey! Nova here, finally back from Sunset Resort hell. Just in time for the holiday season, I decided it’d be fun to put the Resort aside and furnish a Christmasy house. I don’t got much else to say, so let’s start this little tour.

Let’s start with my messy Garage, the place to repair stubborn Christmas lights and hide the gifts from the kids.

Next up, the Kitchen, a place you can depend on for baking cinnamon rolls and having some Christmas dinner.

After you eat some good turkey, you can sit back and relax in the Living Room, preferably watching Christmas movie classics…such as Jingle All the Way (oh yeah, also, thank you to the pixeltail team for hosting The Board earlier this year, that was a lot of fun).

Or, if you happen to have eaten some bad turkey, this festive bathroom is also available for your leisure.

Next, we have a combination Master Bedroom and Office. Work around the Christmas tree and dream of sugar plums dancing in your head in the same room.

Going downstairs, we have the only non-decorated room in the entire house: the Laundry Room. A room so boring that it scared away the Christmas cheer.

However, in contrast, the Bar Room does have a bit of spirit, both figuratively and literally.

In the Entertainment Room, I decked the halls with plenty of games, like pinball and some arcade cabinets, for the gamers out there.

And finally, for those who are gamer gamers, there’s also the Game Room. Yes, this house is so good that there needed to be 2 game-themed rooms.

That’s about it for my little Christmasy abode! It was fun to do this little side-project, and I hope this gives you some digital holiday cheer. If you want to explore this for yourself, it’s available in the Workshop now for all to see. Happy Holidays!