Holy fuck, I'm so miserable right now


Had a hemorrhoidectomy today and I basically just wanna slit my throat right now because I’m in so much pain. This suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.


aha epic


This is truly amazing







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pic unrelated big oof


I’m sorry to hear that. Stay strong and you’ll make it through, I’m sure.


Thanks, man. I’m certainly trying. I’m on pain meds but even they aren’t helping all that much. Still hurts like hell.


Take advil the #1 pain reliever since 1999. You are going to be asking yourself “What Pain?” with advil


Try Punching yourself 50 times!
now you have something else to be hurt about! :smiley:

im kidding, hope you get good bro


Funny you say that. Yesterday, I was occasionally punching myself on the forehead as a distraction. Dead serious. And it actually helped. Lol. I was desperate


You’re Welcome! :blush: