Holiday Fishing Bait

A good way of letting people still get coins out of season but still have it be limited is by adding a Holiday Bait for fishing that is the same as the Curly Grub but gets Holiday coins instead of Sea Dollars. It would be even better if it could get you other Holiday items from past years in the drop pool. This could be an item only gotten from the presents beach event or be outright purchased with units

I like this idea a lot, especially since fishing doesn’t currently provide Holiday currency.

What would really make this shine is the chance to catch a rare holiday fish, even if its just an existing fish with a Santa Hat slapped on. The chance of an exclusive fish would offset the fact you’re not getting holiday currency at a fixed rate.

Next Halloween they could have a bait with a pumpkin headed fish, with an increased chance to catch ghoul coins, blob fish and skeleton fish. It’d be very fitting!


Hm yeah I guess fishing won’t activate event currency since the way you earn units is through sold items that are earned. Whilst if there was units given out when you catch fish it would activate the currency.

Worth noting that it appears you can now fish up the holiday currency, at least for this event based on the trello updates which is a great change for those who want to fish during the event and still get coins.


during the Halloween event, selling items wouldn’t get you Ghoul coins. I’m glad that fishing will drop coins now though