Holiday Events 2019! (

Let the Festivities Begin!

We’ve got over 51 new festive items for you. 31 of them are exclusive to this event, and the rest will stick around all year.

This year we wanted to roll out a popular suggestion - christmas string lights. Now you can decorate your condo with various string light items with ease using the new Targeter tool.

Collect Holiday Coins, the currency used for exclusive holiday 2019 store. Grab them by playing games, grabbing presents around the Plaza, talking with Plaza event characters, or by fishing them up!

We’ve also added a few New Year’s items to celebrate 2020.

Events end on January 10th, 2020!


  • Collect Holiday Coins, the currency used for exclusive holiday 2019 store. Grab them by playing games, grabbing presents around the Plaza, talking with Plaza event characters, or by fishing them up!
  • New placeable and adjustable string lights item types are now available in Celebrations!
  • Added 31 items to Santa Claws store (Holiday 2019 exclusive store): Holiday Cheer Gun, Holiday Ice Gun, Jinglebell, Plush Reindeer, Plush Red-Nose Reindeer, Elf Hat, Red Nose, Reindeer Antlers, Popcorn Necklace, Christmas Lights Necklace, Candy Cane Backpack, Candy Cane Particles, Gingerbread Men Particles, Jinglebells Particles, Christmas Extravaganza Particles, Christmas Bowtie, Christmas Bowtie Head, Wreath Tube, Candy Cane Stick, Christmas Tree with Train, Nutcracker, Nutcracker Hat, Ice Potion, Snowball Pet, Jinglebell Pet, Christmas Toy Train, Santa Plushy, and Jinglebell Gun
  • Added 16 items to Celebrations: Christmas Lights Bulbs, Christmas Lights Twinkle, Christmas Lights Globe, Christmas Lights Bulbs Half, Christmas Lights Twinkle Half, Christmas Lights Globe Half, Ornament String, Decorated Garland, Garland String, Jinglebell String, Wreath, Candy Cane, Popcorn String, Christmas Candle, Happy New Year String, and Flag Rope
  • Added 4 accessories items: Cigar, 2020 Glasses, Fancy Top Hat New Years, and Party Hat New Years 2020
  • Snowball Battle is now back for the season
  • Added a new condo tool - Targeter. Allows for easier setting of targets for items that have targets to point to (string lights, teleporters)
  • Optimised Condo lights
  • Added cursed remains to holiday converter store
  • Virus: Enraged HUD message is now red colored
  • Added tool primary/secondary descriptions on condo tool HUDs
  • Added a new appearance slot: Face. This slot is currently only used for the upcoming red nose item and existing the cig item
  • Added currency tag (for Ghoul Coin, Sea Dollar, etc.) and added currency filter under redeemables in inventory

Bug Fixes

  • Plaza: Fixed Beach House and Project 12 TV’s from being in the center of the world
  • Plaza: Fixed a collision issue
  • Plaza: Fixed some sound issues
  • Plaza: Moved store item viewer to its correct position and improved lighting
  • Plaza: Fixed misplaced seat in Theatre
  • Condo: Fixed button items not playing their animation
  • Condo: Fixed weather sounds in Smooth Autumn
  • Condo: Fixed some holes in Condo
  • Condo: Fixed Moon Theatre screen in Resort being in the incorrect spot
  • Condo: Fixed some collision issues in Highrise
  • Condo: Workshop physics items no longer seemingly disappear in Highrise
  • Virus: Fixed players getting to places they shouldn’t in Solar
  • Fixed an issue where voice could still be enabled in certain circumstances
  • Fixed “Display warning when opening items” setting being reversed
  • Fixed typo in Zombie Massacre menu
  • Fixed Plaza and Condo scoreboard condo browser not loading results
  • Fixed footsteps not being recognized when using tiny potions
  • Fixed ice not working properly when using potions or when crouching
  • Milestones: Fixed Laser Tag Symbol milestone not replicating properly
  • Milestones: Fixed Double Barrel milestone running out of ammo
  • Fixed weapon scope stretching for monitors that aren’t 16:9
  • Fixed a long standing bug when a host drags an item, it spawned a copy of it in the origin of the map for other players until it’s finished dragging
  • Fixed view finders not moving anymore due to an optimization update in previous patch


We’re still very hard at work on the Arcade. We’re eager to share and announce some really exciting developments in January. Arcade now has around 23 working machines and around 15 more in the works!

Holiday Break & 2020

As 2019 is coming to a close we’d like to say thanks to everyone in our community. 2019 has been a big, challenging year for us and it 2020 is shaping up to be too - so thank you all for sticking by us! We will have a forums thread where we look back on what 2019 meant to us & the game, so look forward to that!

We’re taking a break from December 24th to January 2nd. We’ll still be around on the forums occasionally.

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<3 PixelTail Games


Nice. Gonna try this out after school.

-> Not using a remote access program to play the event on your home computer while at school.
Get on my level and get anydesk


I can’t imagine how laggy that would be

This is really gonna help with the Christmas condo build.

the plaza is so pretty.

honestly i just love what you guys do. the purple/orange around halloween, the light blues around winter, and then the red green for christmas, the snow/christmas themes around the plaza are tops, the santa hat is just the best. i swear plane wars is even performing smoother or i just may be feeling the bliss.

i’m being sappy and stating obvious facts i know but the devs level of love and attention to detail is very very much appreciated.


Merry Christmas guys :smile:
(Or whatever else you happen to celebrate)


Surprisingly it doesn’t lag much, most of the time

When it does lag and it then has to catch up to what the computer is actually showing it will just show everything at a much faster speed.

So instead of having a zombie slowly jog up to you it will sprint up to you at the speed of sound and slap you 500 times in one second.

And in snowball fights instead of having just one lone snowball occasionally thrown at you you will just see an avalanche of snowballs flying towards you



Finally… everything I’ve ever wanted has been added

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