Holiday Decorations & Items

Would it be possible to get holiday items (IE: Christmas trees, Pumpkins that you apply canvas images for the “carving”, Easter Baskets, etc)? I can’t recall if I remember reading if there will be holiday events, but purchasable holiday stuff (preferably year round) would be fun. They could come out as the holidays appear, starting with my favorite - Halloween :3

I know there are canvases to sort of do some stuff, but even 5-10 of the most common decorations for each holiday would be cool :3

Was surprised to see this wasn’t suggested yet o:

There was previously talk about maybe trying to do a Halloween event this year but as far as other items, that’ll prob be reliant on workshop

I think we already have some Halloween themed items in one of the stores on the boardwalk. I assume more will be added this Halloween.

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@Rekoza is correct, we currently have a selection of Halloween items available at Celebrations. I think there’s a section for winter themed items, but only a snowman is available at the moment.