Holiday 2018 Items Back to Shop

This Christmas there are practically no interesting items to buy. Items from previous years could be returned to the list for those who were unable to purchase because those were better.

I wish Holiday 2018 items would come back to shop, please.

I’m totally for this. I despise limited time items in games. It’s just a shitty way for devs to prey on people’s FOMO. I stopped playing Destiny for this very reason. Bungie has gone completely insane with all the limited time events and items. It was so overwhelming to keep up with. Don’t get me wrong. I love seasonal events, but have seasonal items that are only available one time is completely ridiculous and only preys on FOMO to get people to play a certain event so that they don’t miss out on the items. It didn’t even occur to me until I read this, that Pixeltail had ever done this, but now that I think about it, I believe there’s also a couple years of Halloween items missing as well. I could just be crazy, but I’m pretty sure not all the Halloween items are there either.


As far as I can tell there’s only 2 winter items from 2018 (Gingerbread Man and RC Sleigh) that aren’t in stores (all the rest are in Celebrations), but those are both in the drop pools for the Presents and/or Winter Character events, so all of those items should be obtainable.

I don’t think any Halloween items are unobtainable either, although I know there’s a few that are obnoxiously rare to get (I don’t know if I got a single crystal ball from remains this year). Halloween Remains and character visit has items from all years going back to 2017 so there definitely aren’t any entire years’ worth of items left behind.

If there are any holiday-exclusive items that actually cannot be obtained anymore I would be really surprised if that was an intentional choice and not a bug since the developers seem to be very against FOMO stuff, with the only actual unobtainable items being from the crowdfunding campaign, removed from the game, or upcoming items that were accidentally made available early (Cupcake, Game World Catsacks, etc).


Every year, all the holiday items from the previous years are available in the events. Remains change each year, but each year the previous remains item pool gets put into the next years.


Ah, ok. I guess I am crazy then. What about the Holiday 2018 items referenced in OP, though?

I mentioned those in my reply:


Ah, didn’t see your reply. Good to know that it’s just confusion over where to get the stuff then. That’s a huge relief. OP really had me worried there for a sec.