Holding a Casino Machine Indefinitely

I have screenshots of a player who might have found an exploit to allow him to hold a slot machine indefinitely. In the pictures provided, it is clear that they shouldn’t still be in the machine. The player in question just sat at the machine, not playing the game, and trying to withhold the high jackpot for the machine.

Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/YPgyD

This could be a very harmful bug or exploit as it can constrict a machine to a single or small group of people, and constrict the casino for those that can perform the exploit. The player is called ChuniaC.

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Anybody can sit at a single machine for an infinite amount of time. The only things that will kick them off is being kicked or banned from the server, their own volition, or going afk/failing the macro check.

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Update: The person has been afk for close to 40 minutes, and he has not been kicked off of the machine yet. This is a serious problem, as it could be game breaking.

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Update 2: He stated that he can use “Power saver mode” on his computer to afk the machine, and that’s why it didn’t kick him out.

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If you had looked at the pictures provided, you would have seen that the person in question had gone afk, which would have normally kicked him off of the machine.


Ah, I see; that’s definitely weird.

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