Holdable Consumables

I would love if the Soda we buy form the soda machines could be held in our hands and sipped off of until they were empty. Or maybe buy a box of candy and dump a few pieces into my hand and eat them until the whole box is gone. Or maybe buy a milkshake or a burger from the boardwalk, take a seat and eat and drink? I dunno, It might just be me, but I would love to be able to do this.

I would love that as well. Just one of those “little things” that would be cool. Like how u could buy the popcorn in GMT and munch on it and throw it at the Cinema haha


This sounds like an immersive feature that would make the game much nicer to relax in. I was reminded of the smoothie drinking animation from Elevator: Source, so I could really imagine how neat holdable consumables would appear in-game. I’d love to have these so I have an excuse to take a walk around the island every once in a while.

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Exactly! Just walking around drinking a smoothie, a soda, a milkshake, eating a burger or munching on cotton candy. Just take a nice stroll around the island with someone and just talk and eat/drink away


GMT never had popcorn.

Matt made some popcorn for TU recently. Krionikal could make a simple eat and drink first person anims. But I wouldn’t call these things high priority.

Would never expect it to be high on the list, but thank you for considering it.


I meant to correct that after I said it, but I meant the Cinema game mode.


I remember! The servers that allowed you to throw the entire bucket of popcorn were fun.

I’d love consumable items if they were added.