Holdable balloon improvements

I would like to suggest 2 little improvements for the new balloon we’re having fun with.
It’s all about gravity.

  • #1 Holding balloons should adjust your gravity depending how many of them you are holding.

  • #2 While dying and holding balloons, your lifting speed into the sky should adjust depending how many balloons you are holding.

A proper limit would be like from 1 to 8 balloons -10% Gravity and +10% lifting speed for each balloon. (Min Gravity -80% | Max lifting speed +80%)

Any feedback is appreciated.


#2 is already in the game

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This is already a thing I believe.

Not sure about #1 though I like the idea of holding balloons somehow affecting your jumps, so I think holding the spacebar in midair to “float” could be the best of both worlds