Somebody just funded 1 Dollar :stuck_out_tongue: not me though ^^



Everybody praise wonald, the 50% dude

That guy’s a legend. ;D

That guy deserves a little gift or something

Someone just funded 500$ recently and we touched to 26k mark, not that it’s surprising as 25k, but still c:

27K reached 15 minutes ago as well! It’s amazing how fast this is going

The donations seem to be rolling in much faster since it hit 50%. >_>

That’s good for Tower Unite and PixelTail! :slight_smile:

Maybe everyone is trying to get in before the Alpha releases haha.

Holy shit, they must have a shit ton of money!
That’s awesome! :smiley:

We’re getting close to the 30k mark.

Well we’ve past the 30k mark, which if I remember correctly was the bare minimum to actually make the game, but I’m glad it’s continuing to go up, and I’m gonna keep spreading the word about it too. :smiley:

Also 888 people.

2 legit 2 quit

keep tha mone rolin in guyz

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32K already reached, guys. This campaign is on fire!

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