History UI for the Theatre, Arcade, and Nightclub

With the addition of the Casino, we get to see a little UI appear on the opposite side of the screen from the text chat box which tells us our recent transaction history in the Casino.

However, this extra UI could also be useful in the Theatre as well as the upcoming Arcade and Nightclub, to inform us of our recent history in there.

  • The Theatre’s history UI could display the recently played videos in that theatre room, as well as any extra information or functionality the developers wish to include.
  • The Arcade's history UI could display your transaction history in the Arcade, similar to the Casino's history UI.
  • The Nightclub's history UI would just display the recently played songs as well as any extra information that would be included.

There are many places where the history UI could be useful, so I've just listed the three most important places. It would be a little overboard to add a history UI to each location, store, and minigame, wouldn't it?

This would make finding out what song just played so much easier!
We need this especially for the Nightclub.

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Also how about being able to click on the songs in that history. So that you also obtain the song’s / video’s URL.