Hi. My name is Maxim

Hey everyone! My name is Maxim Deprez and I’m new to the forums. I’ve played GMTower since 2013 and It’s one of my favorite games. I play it when I feel like it. My internet nickname is MxMCube or sometimes just Cubië. MxM meaning: “Maxim without the a and the i.” and Cube meaning: “Minecraft, Portal 2, dunno I like cubes. They’re simple and never change.”

What type of person are you?

I’m a quite asocial and shy person in real life (not with my family of course), therefore I love Tower as it’s great for me to meet new people with similar interests. People in real life tell me I’m a nice person and some think I’m cuddly and cute too. (I went on a school trip to London, and I told a girl that I really liked her. She was cuddling me loads back then. ^-^)

What are some of your interests?

I’m really into drawing / graphic designs. I got 96% in my Art exam this year and I love designing stuff for different people. I have a portfolio on my website which is down at he moment. Soon it’ll be up again.

I also like coding in many languages. I’m most good at HTML, Java, Lua, Python and C#. I can also solder and recently I bought myself an Arduino kit to combine my electrical skills with coding. (My dad’s an electrician and he teaches me loads. :p)

Do you have any other things you want to tell?

  • At the time speaking I’m currently 14.
  • Most people think my voice sounds 15 -17 ish.
  • I was born in Belgium and I’ve lived all my life in Tenerife.
  • I’m a no-life computer geek and I’m not a 4chaner.
  • I like Anime. My favorite show is No Game No Life and Steins;Gate
  • Reddit is awesome. I browse subreddits often.
  • I like Android and iOS both. But I’m using and iPhone for the moment.
  • I have a loud and somewhat deep voice and I like to do drama when it comes to speaking.
  • I bought a Blue Yeti to do voice acting as I love to talk and record sounds for games. Sadly it broke three months later.
  • Photography interests me a lot. I own a Canon 400D but it can’t record video though.
  • I have a dog (Bichon Maltese) called ‘Nuky’. I also used to have a cat (Not sure what breed, but it was white with black spots and still quite small) but she went exploring and never came back. I hope she’s still alive. ;(
  • Hot chocolate and coffee is awesome. We should goto Starbucks sometime.
  • Belgium waffles and pancakes are amazing.
  • My favorite food is raw salmon and sushi. Without soy sauce.
  • I drink a lot of Coca Cola. A bit too much actually, lol.
  • I love to meet new people. Feel free to add me to Skype.
  • I built my own PC. Woop! Link below.

Do you have any links to share?

Thanks for reading this far! I hope I can get more into these forums. :smile: :heart_eyes_cat:

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I dig that tri monitor and separate console setup. I have quite a few monitors going on, but I just don’t have the desk space, my setup is so much more… or uh less proper. I might clean it up to take a photo soon, but I just can’t justify dropping money on new a desk with only a year till I go to college x3
But hey, and welcome ^^

Thanks :blush: My desk is usually always clean. I don’t like it when it’s messy.

Hi, Maxim. Welcome to the forums! :smiley:
I hope you cat comes back as well ;-;

i forgot to say something so let me do it now :stuck_out_tongue: , Heyyyooo

I updated my PC Setup as the old picture was outdated. (Can’t forget my DXRacer right? :D)