Hi I'm Vessy

Hi there TU people, my name is Vessy and there may be a very select few of you who remember me from GMT 2-3 years ago. Back then I was a Ball Race speedrunner under the name Chuckoda. But again that was years ago so this is a fresh start.

A lil info about me: I’m a dude, sorry the name confuses some people. I like meeting new people and am almost always down to chat with people on TS, Discord, or Mumble. Ball Race is still and always will be my favorite of the games offered, followed by MG, and sorry Virus players, it’s my least favorite.

Anyways I look forward to meeting you all in-game some time and on the forums. I’m one day in and have spent 170k units. Not a bad way to kick this adventure off.



Welcome to the forums and Towers!
Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the new tower and forums Vessy. :slight_smile:

I’m hope you’ll find the improved physics and new Ball Race maps enjoyable :thumbsup:

Welcome to the community! :raising_hand:


Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay! :raising_hand:



Welcome to the forums Vessy. :grinning:

Welcome to the PixelTail forums @Vessy. Enjoy your stay :slight_smile: :raising_hand:

Welcome to the family, guy :new_moon_with_face:

Welcome to the fourms :new_moon_with_face:

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome! :hamburger:

Welcome to our glorious community!

Hello :slight_smile: