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I’ve been around a bit and kinda lurked for a long time but recently I have recently been really invested into Tower Unite. I’m playing a bunch right now to try to 100% all achievements (crazy but doable when they aren’t glitched out for me). I mainly play by myself and with my little sister because my ping is booty but I have friends that live near me so they can deal with me hosting a server. I want to be a bit more active on forums and Discord because I really love the community and the devs so hope to see you guys around!

About My PC Gamer Life:
I’ve been playing games since I was a wee lad but things got serious when I got my first PC back in 2013 (Late bloomer on PC Gaming). I started with the classic Minecraft because I would play the absolute hell out of it on my Xbox but now with a PC, I had the powers of mods. Things got boring on Minecraft so I packed my bags and boarded the Steam Train.

My first buy was Garry’s Mod, I bought this game because when I got home from school every day back in 4th grade I would watch really bad Garry’s Mod videos about killing teletubbies and that’s all i thought the game was about. Years later I buy it after my Minecraft phase and BOOM, I played the heck out of it EVERY DAY! My favorite thing to play was Jailbreak and one server in specific, The Cube. After gaining about 500 hours on one server because honestly I loved the people on there, I branched out to see what was up. I played DarkRP and that was a “meh” but then I found it, a huge and heavily modded server, Gmod Tower. I was a huge Ballrace fan and I still am, (I was a Spike Ball user and you best bet when customization comes out i’m only rocking the Spike Ball when I play). GMT was so much fun, I played it very little because my PC was trash and I could never run lobby but hot damn I loved it and it has been a good memory since.

It had been a while since playing because I got into the awful competitive gaming scene with games like CS:GO, League of Legends, and a bit of Rainbow Six Seige. Hated it then and still kinda hate it now but all my friends from school played that stuff so I tagged along, I had fun but games always got way to serious and I never liked it.

I heard one day GMT was shutting down and I was a bit sad but, I heard it was because a successor was coming out as soon as it did and I was very interested, Played the last little bit of GMT I could to savor the flavor and have fun but then poof it was gone.

Tower Unite was released and I was very scared to buy it, watched videos and it just didn’t feel the same. Sat on the idea of buying it for a while and ultimately decided to buy it in order to support the damn thing and see what the devs can do! I bought it some time Early 2017 and it was fun! To make this a bit shorter and not suck the devs @#!$% I took a break and now i’m back, what they are doing with the game and what they have done with the game is fantastic. I love the way PixelTail games works and how they go about working on a game and I hope the best for this game and the community!

TL;DR: I got a PC and played Minecraft, got bored of Minecraft and got Garry’s Mod and started to play GMT. GMT shut down and I bought Tower Unite and now I’m super invested in the game and Dev team!

Hope to see you guys around! -Limbo



Welcome A



yo wagwan bruv



wagwan piftin wuts ur bbm pin



Wumbo welcome, wumbo tower unite, wumbo A

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Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!

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Welcome aboard to Tower Unite! Have a nice stay! :smiley: :wave:

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welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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