Hi, I'm blazinghalo

Hello, I’m blazinghalo and I really love gaming. I spend a lot of time playing games, but Garry’s Mod is one of my favorites, and GMT is my favorite part of GMod. My favorite minigame is Virus. That’s just about it. I was just wanting to introduce myself and hopefully make a friend or two.

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Welcome to the Pixeltail Community Forums!

Thank you!

Welcome! :gift_heart:

Welcome to the forums! I’m sure you’ll make a lot of friends :slight_smile: You can add me on Steam, if you want :smiley:
( SirParadox™ | Tower Unite! )

Welcome aboard the ship! Hope you keep around here. :ship:

@Sapphire Thank you!

@SirParadox Thank you, I might add you on Steam!

@PoliteWhale I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

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Hey there blazinghalo!

Hello there Radek!

Welcome blazinghalo!

Thank you! Great profile pic by the way.

Haha, thanks!

No problem.