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Hey, I’m Banjosas/Banj-OSAS- ( pronounced Banjo-sass not Banjosus or Banjesus or whatever). Anyway, I played GMT in in about 2011 time & have been playing Tower Unite since last year some time. I used to play CSGO alot (2k hours alot) but I’m done with the game cause I just don’t have the time to practise and keep playing over and ovr. I play the odd game of PUBG here and there. Anyway my main interest these days is producing House music, Progressive House especially. This is reflected in my Condo as I’ve built myself a home studio :smiley: . Any questions or anything then just ask :slight_smile:

A question on badges

Welcome to the forums!




Welcome to the forums
Also do you have a link to some of your music? and tips on making one


Welcome! enjoy the stay! :grin:


Welcome to the forums
Also do you have a link to some of your music? and tips on making one

Thanks. I’m no Avicii so I don’t know if I should be giving tips :grin: anyway I think when you’re creating music you’ve got to have an end goal for the track & this depends on the type of music you’re creating. With progressive house music, it’s likely that songs you create will be used in your mixes/sets so you want an intro that can be used to mix with a different songs outro. Stuff like crafting your own sound is key too. Yeah use presets but change them, don’t settle for something thats “okay”. Also if you’re creating electronic music you need listen to it on speakers, headphones & car radios if possible to understand how your track sounds. Then you need to modify it to get the most consistency across all three. I was told that if your music sounds good on a car radio, it sounds good anywhere.

Anyway here’s a remix of a song that I recently put on my SoundCloud, there’ll be more original stuff added in the near future. Drop me a follow if you enjoy it :slight_smile:


Im trying to make some vaporwave


Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!


Isn’t that like vintage sounding electronic music?


80s japanese electronic music to be precise

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