Hey Im NuttyNinja!

HELLO! I am NuttyNinja I used to play GMTower with my friends it was really fun!. I went on gmtower’s website and found out they were making a game. thats how im now involved in what could be potentially an amazing game with a big community! now a bit about me :smiley: . my name is Ben I love Garry’s Mod and GMTower , i’m 14 years old , and love to have fun with friends and strangers (don’t take that the wrong way all you rude minded people :no_good: :smiley: ) anyway I hope this game and community (because it would be nothing with all of you / us ) grows a lot and I hope to see you all in game soon!

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Welcome to the Tower Unite Forums and Community!


Welcome NuttyNinja! It was a pleasure hanging out with you trying out Multiplayer! It was chaotic, but fun. :smile:


Aw thank dude! Me to! I hope to play with you again soon!keep on being awesome! :couple_with_heart: also thanks for the welcome Caboose700 :smiley:


Hey NuttyNinja :3


Welcome to the crazy land!


thanks means alot <3 i shall talk more tommorow but im going to now you all seem chill!

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Hi @NuttyNinja! Welcome to the forums! I hope to see you ingame too :slight_smile:

Thanks @SirParadox Me to ! :tophat:

Welcome! ^^ :cat:

Thank You @Sapphire

Hey there!


Hello NuttyNinja!

Hey Radek what’s up?

Hiyoo! Welcome to the forums

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Thank you! :smiley: