Hey everybody

Hello everyone!

My name is Mirrland, I’m a student of whom was looking to purchase Tower Unite upon its release. However, due to a lack of money and an extremely underpowered computer, I decided against it. Alas, I recently purchased Tower Unite expecting it to be as enjoyable as GMT, and to my surprise, it is much more enjoyable than GMT and an extremely entertaining game to play with friends and other gamers.

Anywho, it’s fair to say that from me joining the GMT community, I have met many amazing people in the community and hope to meet many more :smiley:.


Welcome to the community. Enjoy your time here.

Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!

welcome back to the tower

Welcome to the forums! :smiley_cat:

Welcome back to the tower and forums Mirrland. :slight_smile:

Welcome back to the Tower and welcome to the forums!!

Thanks everyone! :smile:

Welcome, fellow GMT player!

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