Here is some hope

For the indiegogo to be successfully funded, we need to gain about 2% more funds each day.


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Also, in the second Tower Unite live stream, it was stated that only around 20k was made in 10 days in the Kickstarter campaign. It has been less than 5 days and we are already passed 20k in the Indiegogo campaign!

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we’re already 46% funded on this campaign within the first 4 days, and since it seems most people here are probably spreading the indiegogo links around, as well as an overall better and earlier advertising plan, I think we’re doing pretty well on that front.

I’d expect to see a boost in funding once people (and youtubers) have the closed alpha to play with.

the only problem is that we have the same problem as before… ONLY 600 BACKERS!!! We need advertisments for this and more youtubers not to mention more popular ones as well. This concerns me…

We’re not even halfway done with the Indegogo. Have some faith in the magic of crowdfunding~

Once the Alpha comes out, The staff will contact a shitload of youtubers to play it.
We just need to wait for the Alpha, mk?

P.S: This is only from what I’ve heard. But I’m pretty fucking positive.

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