Help with inventory


First of, this is merely an informative thread, I don’t want to come off as cocky or agressive, I’m just unaware if this inventory thing that I’m going to talk about, is supposed to be like this or not.

I just want to know, for what reason I can see ALL the items I own, in my inventory when I’m in condos.
This is awfull in the sense that, for example, I have 258 walls in my Highrise flat, but when I open my inventory in Smooth Dirt, it shows me 258 walls in my inventory (altho i have 0 items placed down in smooth dirt). But if i put 1 down, it disapears from Highrise.
I dont want my smooth dirt inventory to show or allow me to place items from other condos, or vice versa.

Each condo should only show the items we have placed down in THAT condo + ur normal inventory items/extras.
Is that an option that I’m unaware? Cause I gotta say, this legitimately prevents me from building in other condos… :frowning:



Items are not global. If you own 5 chairs, and place down 3 in the default condo, you can only place 2 more in that default condo. However, if you go to the Suite condo, you have 5 chairs you can place down.

So, if you have 5 chairs, you can place 5 chairs in each different condo map.

When you go into a condo map, it will display how many items you have left to place for that condo, not globally.

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Oh I see!
Thank you so much for the info and quick answer.

Also, just 1 more thing please - Any reason my highrise autosaves everytime I place an item down, and my other condos don’t save at all? (unless I manually save and then load when entering)



Might be a bit of a bug with Highrise. There’s quite a few long-standing issues with that condo to say the least.