Help us on /r/place to make a TU Logo!

#EDIT 3: We all kinda gave up on Making this a reality as there are too many territories already taken over, we got taken over by Finland

If you would still like to take a look at the original post, it’s shown in the spoiler below:

[spoiler]We have Created a subreddit dedicated twards this cause of placing Tower Unite in /r/place. If you would like to join, please click here

Here’s the Template that we are all following:

We are currently at (426,148), so if you would like to help contribute to our cause, please join the discord and help us out :slight_smile:

>>Click here to Go to our Current Location<<

Here is the somewhat related Tower Unite subreddit post, about the same topic

EDIT: remember to refresh the webpage before each placement to make sure you don’t waste your turn on an already placed pixel

If you need any more information or need help, please join us on the Tower Unite Discord, or reply to this thread.

EDIT 2: We have moved


If there’s gonna be enough time, we should also try making Catsack.


you want to overtake part of the flag?
EDIT: you should propably tell us where to EXACTLY build

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We’re building in exactly 108,794 as the staring point, right at the corner of the flag and yiff. This right here highlighted in red is what is done so far

ah, alright. Thanks!

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Just remember to refresh before each placement, because it’s not always uptodate and sometimes you can place and waste a turn placing exactly where someone else placed

I’m in!

if this helps


near the yiff too oh god


Not our decision. It was Zak’s, lol

the placement is pretty poor tho
right in-between two “front layer” thingies, should have put it on top of the rainbow road/ giant flag/ similiar “background” creation

Yeah, we’re currently having a disparity on where it should be placed, because we kinda waited a bit long to start placing the logo

I vote for this place

or alternatively, here

Both the Road and the flag are pretty large areas that already have artworks on them. They could work

We got rekt by Finland.

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