Help pls

my friends are calling me a nerd for not thinking shoes are worth 1,500 dollars. pls explain to me how shoes cost 1,500 dollars.


they arent your friends
ill bee your frend : )

Thank you. My friends are going to kill me l0l. EDIT: As soon as I posted this they started to kill shoes “Fresh,” “Dope,” and “Sick,” Send help please

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your friends arent neat


please help me

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There’s a really cool play that explores this phenomenon that you’re describing here, and it’s called Art by Yasmina Reza. It’s about a dude named Serge who buys a white painting. White canvas with a couple white lines across it, and he paid 200,000 french francs (32371.15 USD) for this painting. His friends are outraged that he paid so much for it, but it was totally alright in his mind because that painting was worth 200000 francs to him (and he would have paid more for it he said), even if his friends said it was garbage because it was just white on white.


thats hilarious

holy cow that is cool. but i am worried i am going to get drawn with a sharpie on my head at night when i’m sleeping.
anywaysssssssssssssssss my friend says that he is going to collect sneakers when they grow up.

god are they screwed

i hope i don’t end up like them


what the fuck i hope you’re joking

heck no, they just mentioned they will skip college or even their senior year of highschool to start collecting. they even said they will never wear it. pls help again

“I’m mostly getting money to buy new shoes”

my insides really hurt.


i mean are you talking to these people in real life or through a chatroom thing

over text since I am to lazy too walk more than a mile.

and than its cold outside.

Kill all the shoes. It’s the only solution.

best friEND
Panzer mk2

only panzer mk2 has no end, all you need is panzer mk2 only trust panzer mk2

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but garlic bread doesn’t end with end so does that mean garlic bread and panzer mk2 are my true friends?

Well usually these items cost that much because of the brands that made them and because of supply and demand.
There really isn’t any logic to it except for “it’s expensive because they can make it expensive”

haha that’s a nice joke man, you really had me there for a second.

i swear on my mom’s life, they said that or somethinbg along those lines last night

just remove them from your phone and dont talk to them at school

haha you can’t trick me a second… you’re serious aren’t you…


Well the insane part of me is saying “kill them or something to improve the human genepool”, and the logical part of me is saying that you should cut contact with them asap in a slow manner so that they dont suspect a thing.