Help! I get teleport half a meter towards my walking direction every few seconds in Multiplayer

EDIT: I changed the 802.11 mode in my router settings to b and g only and it fixed my problem! For those having trouble, try it.

Before I start, I should mention that this exact same issue also happens in Killing Floor 2, another game which also runs on Unreal Engine, just like Tower Unite.

Whenever I walk around on a multiplayer server, it seems to teleport me a little bit towards my walking direction every few seconds. It’s extremely annoying. It seems nobody else has this issue :frowning:

Here’s a recording of the problem.

Could you please fix this? I know there’s probably no way you can reproduce this, but perhaps if you gave clients a little more control over their player’s location then the server won’t try to horribly correct it and cause this.

Yeah, this is just lag. Good job fixing it on your own.

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