Hello everyone.

I’m Cue, in the 2000+ hours I have on steam I never got time to play Gmod Tower due to hosting my own servers.

As I don’t do that anymore and I’ve lost all interest in that game Tower Unite seemed like a perfect game to me, and I’m already checking the Trello regulary. It’s great that I can see the development of the game way as it’s the same method I use at University for Games Design.

Hope this is one of the games that holds my attention like Garrys Mod did way back when!


Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay! :raising_hand:

Hi @cue, i’m PatrykPL24 but you can call me @PatrykPL24 :wink:

Welcome! I too thoroughly enjoy checking their Trello page regularly. They have it so very well organized and detailed. The forums here are very laid back and friendly too, so enjoy!

Welcome to the community! :raising_hand:

Welcome @cue!

Welcome to the forums cue!


Welcome mate; now you are a member to that crew

Welcome to the tower and forums Cue. :slight_smile:

Hi Cue, and welcome to the forums!

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