Hello random people

I don’t Know any of you but I hope I will soon also The hype has affected me as well but I havent backed it yet well the reason is for that is im not old enough for a paypal anyways so bye everyone see yall soon http://i.imgur.com/Ou96PDy.jpg

Welcome to the community @Merry_Weedmas!

Even if you’re not old enough, you could be eligible for a Paypal student account, which is pretty much the same as a normal paypal account, but the age limit is 13, it doesn’t need a bank account (but can be provided if so desired), and it needs to be tied to a parent’s account. It’s pretty neat.

You actually don’t have to be any age to MAKE a paypal account. You just won’t be able to attach a credit card to it.

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You can just sign up for one with your email

Welcome to the community. Have fun talking about Pixeltail’s games!

P.S.: I just realised there was an age limit in Paypal. How does that work?

Welcome to the community!

Oi, welcome!

Welcome to the forums @Merry_Weedmas . Hope you enjoy your time here! :smile:

Welcome to PixelTail! You could also use a Credit/Debit card instead of PayPal. Thanks for showing your appreciation for the project! Hope you have a great time here!